Nerica Cherrington

Nerica Cherrington

Women Centre
St. Thomas

High School
Seaforth High

At what age did you give birth

What were the struggles you faced being an adolescent mother?
The lack of support from my daughter’s father was upsetting. There was also this stigma that was put on me, as I was pregnant and in school – I was constantly being ridiculed. I was also in a financial bind.

How did the Women Centre assist you?
Miss. Glover was always there for me. She assisted me with reintegrating back into high school and even helped me throughout college. She is a tower of strength, until this day.

What are you currently doing?
I am current teaching at a Primary School in St Thomas. I also tutor adults in basic English and Mathematics at the Jamaica Foundation for Lifelong Learning.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I want to tutor adults and pregnant teens online and want to continue in the field of basic adult education.  I also intend to pursue a career as a professor, and complete my PHd.

Word of advice?
Wait to have sex! I am urging all young people, wait! There is really no rush. But if you are sexually active, be responsibly, wrap it up!